How can you choose the right tractor?

Posted on: 29 April 2020

What makes a good tractor? If you have ever endured an afternoon bouncing a tractor over uneven ground or trying to work productively with an under-powered tractor, then you will appreciate the importance of picking the right vehicle.

Where will you be working?

Tractors are available in many configurations and while a particular tractor may be perfect for one type of work, that doesn't mean that it should be used in all circumstances. When looking at tractors to purchase, take some time to think about the environment where it will work and the type of work you want to do with it. If you plan to drive for extended distances over rough ground and move large loads, then the mechanical requirements you need will vary significantly from someone who just does a little light lifting around their yard.

Mechanical factors

Consider what engine size would be best for your tractor and whether you should purchase a four- or two-wheel-drive model. You will also want to think about which type of transmission system would be most appropriate. If you find the mechanical considerations bewildering, then you should discuss your needs with the tractor showroom. They will understand the specifications of specific tractors and the other models they have available and can take you through the options open to you. It can also be helpful to study the reviews from people who have purchased a particular tractor. Reading the reviews can give you an insight into how the tractor performs in real-life situations.

Ease of use

A tractor should be a valuable tool to increase your productivity. If you find yourself fighting with a tractor to make it do what you want or if you just aren't comfortable using it, then you need a better solution. Look for a tractor that has been consciously designed to maintain the drivers' comfort by careful positioning of all the control levers. The tractor seat, in particular, should cushion the driver from the bumps in the road and prevent them from developing back problems even after a full day of driving over difficult terrain.

To find out more about which type of tractor would be most appropriate for you, it is always wise to speak to people who use tractors in similar ways to you. By finding out what works for them, you will have a clearer idea of which tractor would suit you best.

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