No Matter Where You Live, You Absolutely Need A Rainwater Tank

Posted on: 28 August 2023

If you live anywhere in Australia, you need a rainwater tank. Whether you're in a home and want to save on your water bill, or you run a farm and need to get as much water as you can to water crops and provide for livestock, a rainwater tank can store enough water to make a dent in your usage. Tanks may be placed on a rooftop, placed under downpipes or left freestanding in an open area, but wherever you place them, you'll find they help tremendously.

Storing Rainwater Conserves Supplies and Money

Having a supply of rainwater means you have extra water that won't increase your bills. When you use that water, you're not cutting into local supplies that could take away from others in the area. And if the worst happens and some of the water spills or evaporates, you're not wasting local drinking water supplies.

Rainwater tanks vary in size, and as rainstorms can vary, there's no way to quickly summarise how much you could actually save in terms of money or water. But even a basic household rainwater tank can catch a substantial amount each year. 

Use the Water for Gardening and Washing

Fresh rainwater is safe to use for just about anything, but after having been stored in a closed tank — and yes, the tanks are fully closed except for the inlet and a drainage spout — it's understandable if you don't want to drink it. Add in potential contamination from the roofing and gutter materials that the rain may have come into contact with, and those new to rainwater storage could be wary. There's no need to worry as long as your roof is made of certain materials, but if you don't want to drink the water, you can still use it for washing and gardening. Considering that crops can take up a lot of water, even when you have plants with low water needs, the rainwater tank will come in handy.

Good Maintenance Means Good Water Quality

It is essential that you choose a tank that is easy to care for. The quality of the water in the tank depends on keeping the tank in great shape, and that means cleaning it properly and controlling for potential mosquitoes. Get tanks that make these tasks go by quickly. When you buy the tank, ask about the procedures for cleaning it before finally purchasing it.

Contact a professional to learn more about rainwater tanks